Our Services  
  Tinyplanet Inc. provides IT services and solutions for a broad range of demanding needs. Today's challenges require clients have a committed partner who is agile and responsive with a comprehensive solution offering and the highest return on investment that lasts.

We emphasize on methodologies, standards and quality to deliver reliable results in a predictable manner. Tinyplanet Inc. specializes in providing the best services with competencies in the latest technologies, industry expertise and solution specific background.

A pioneering HR service addresses large requirements from clients, particularly at junior/middle management levels. Best suited for start-ups, new project manning, plant expansion, scale up of team sizes and geographical expansion of teams.

All of our people are highly educated. But even more important, each of them has a truck load of practical, real world experience. They've excelled at every level of professional practise, in the classroom, on the production floor, in the market place, and in the corporate boardroom. They know their way around. They produce. Company founder Dinesh Kumar is personally involved in every client project.
  Consulting Service  
  www.itinyplanet.com. can help you protect your business and employees by working with you to identify and implement sound risk management practices. Creating a safer working environment can lead to lower costs. We provides 24-hour convenience for all your employment-related administration. We use our shared processing center and advanced technology to perform your HR-related administrative tasks and transactions.

www.itinyplanet.com does this through well researched, standardized and renowned tests that assess one's personality and behavioral styles. We also assist and provide Onsite and offsite consulting thru our highly skilled IT professionals.

Onsite: For many major corporations onsite staff augmentation can be best fit to meet immediate project deadlines and production efficiency. From legacy systems to wireless technology we have covered it all. Following is the sampling of expertise we offer to our clients:

Visual C++, MFC, ATL, COM, ActiveX Visual Basic, DCOM, ASP, DHMTL,.NET, C#, SOAP, XML/XSL, XLDT Visual Basic, Access, VBA, Excel, J2EE:BEA WebLogic, Oracle 8i, 9i, JavaScript, CGI, PERL, Tcl/Tk, Java, JSP, JDBC, Applets, Beans WebSphere, webMethods, TIBCO, Oracle Webserver, DBA, Financials SQL Server DBA / Developer, Oracle Developer 2000, Designer 2000 Great Plains Enterprise / Dynamics, Sybase, DBA, Tools, PowerBuilder Visual InterDev, FrontPage, IIS, Windows 2000/NT SDK, C, C++, Drivers Lotus Notes, Domino ,Network Programming, TCP/IP, SNMP UNIX, Motif, X-Windows, Windows & Unix Internals / Drivers Telecom / Wireless, MS Exchange, SMTP SAP R/3, PeopleSoft AS400, Cobol, RPG, EDI, IBM, MVS, DB2, Cobol, CICS Compiler Development / Testing, Quality Assurance HP3000, Cognos PowerHouse, Mac Toolbox, PowerPlant, Objective C QA Partner, Silk Test, Load Runner.

Offsite: Our global recruiting strategy alleviates hard-to-find and time to fill issues. We assemble a motivated, energized and imaginative team to meet the expectation of our clients in following sectors: e-business, embedded, wireless, telecom or other technical areas.
  Dynamic Outsourcing Solutions  
  We are one of the top global outsourcing providers, with over 100 major commercial and government outsourcing clients worldwide. Our clients span many industries and geographies. Outsourcing helps our clients to focus on their strategic business initiatives and core competencies while reaping the benefit of outsourcing coupled with faster application development, lower cost for maintenance, re-engineer with virtually no risk.

We provide resources, procedures and processes to deliver on time. The following are few highlights of outsourcing with Tinyplanet Inc.
High Reduction In Cost
Best Of Breed Methodologies
Highly Equipped Project Management
Training And Knowledge Transfer
Reliable, Stable, 24X7 Support
Delivery On Time & Within Budget
  Web Services  
  www.itinyplanet.com. provides Web services to businesses portals. We design, develop and implements web services for our clients. The Service helps companies improve business results through better discoverability of store locations and business assets.
  Web Services & Benefits
Improve Customer Satisfaction By Assets Into Web Presence.
Increase Sales By Improving The Online Experience.
Share Information Between Businesses
Web Requirement Acquisition & Verification
Web Portal Design
Web Pay Service Design
Signoff & Implementation