Government Solutions  
  Tinyplanet Inc. is a nationwide IT staffing and software development company provides extensive catalog of services for federal, state and local government agency needs. . TPI is all equipped to serve the government agencies, and departments at federal, state and local level. We currently are serving states of …… We bring years of expertise and track record of outstanding performance to meet the requirements of government agencies for leading information technology services. Our dedicated employees deliver individualized results that ensure each customer receives valuable outcomes at the best value. Clients, partners and customers benefit from our collaborative, innovative approach to meeting their unique needs. We listen carefully and respond nimbly.  
  Our solutions combine industry best practices with customized technology to ensure quality, confidentiality and integrity. We bring our industry expertise to government sector. Tinyplanet Inc. is certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE). We bring synergies to the clients and also provide immense opportunity to satisfy their internal requirements for targeted spend initiatives. We are proud to show support for our local minority and disadvantaged communities while achieving the highest level of service.